Cinema Time: ‘Oblivion’ by Joseph Kosinski

11 Apr

We’ve just run home in the rain after a relatively late night showing of the new sci-fi flick ‘Oblivion.’ This was my partner’s choice – as a general rule, I’m not a huge fan of robots, aliens or anything remotely futuristic. Having read a couple of reviews, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mr.Kosinski’s screenplay.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story focuses on Jack Harper, a survivor who works as a numbered ‘Tech’ repairing the drones that protect Earth (or what’s left of it). Earth’s demise, in case you’re wondering, was brought about by an alien race who effectively cut the Moon in two. The tides naturally went a bit loco and general havoc ensued. The remaining humans (like Jack) are biding their time in these fantastically futuristic sky pods before they jet off to Titan, their new home. Jack’s memory of his former life has been erased, but his frequent flashbacks are making him wonder whether all is not as it seems…

On the whole I really, really liked ‘Oblivion.’ The plot, although fast-paced, was plausible enough in sci-fi terms for me to feel properly involved in what was going on. There were even a few moments of hilarity chucked in for good measure! I let out a sputter of laughter (or was it disbelief?) when the camera pans out to reveal Tom Cruise running on a giant, futuristic hamster wheel. Someone in the audience chuckled rather loudly when a bespectacled Morgan Freeman appeared on the scene, so I don’t think my surprise outburst spoilt the movie for anyone.

I loved the contrasting landscape shots – lush, green forests and gushing waterfalls standing side by side with barren deserts and desiccated cities. The futuristic things, such as the sky pods and Jack’s cute aeroplane / car hybrid, were equally impressive. In fact, the only criticism I have of the film is the poor choice in theme tune. The dramatic drum beat had a very 80s style which reminded me of that Phil Collins song from the Cadbury’s advert. Man in a monkey suit + serious film = definite mood killer.

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