2013: The Year I Left Neverland

01 Jan

And no, before you ask, this is not some weird memoir in which I expose the fact that in the past I’ve lived at Michael Jackson’s place. This is another stereotypical end of year post in which I reflect on what has been, and what is yet to come.

In many ways, 2013 was the year I “grew up.” In the first half of the year, my parents left London to go to Dubai, leaving my sister, my boyfriend and I to look after their flat and the family pooch. I also passed my driving test and purchased my parents’ van, which required me to take it for an MOT and do all the other boring, car owner related shizz required by UK law. In May, I left my full-time job to become a part-time library assistant. No, I don’t know what I was thinking either. I quickly realised that living on less than half your former salary is not a walk in the park and a lack of mental stimulation makes Becky a very dull girl indeed. My parents visited over summer, which was wonderful. Mum nagged me a little about the tidiness of the flat (however tidy I think I am I inevitably fall short of her standards), which in turn made me fantasise about the day when I can move into my own place.

In September or October, the family dog became unwell with a chronic e-coli infection. Thankfully he is okay, but he still suffers from incontinence which makes it difficult for him to be in the house for extended periods of time. This is the first time I’ve had to look after a sick animal, and while it was incredibly stressful at times I think it gave me a greater capacity for love and forgiveness.

At Christmas time, I visited Dubai in what was my first proper trip abroad since 2008 (okay so I went to Brussels last year, but that was via Eurostar and therefore doesn’t really count). To say it was absolutely AMAZING doesn’t do it justice. It was lovely of course to be together as a family again, but more than that it was so wonderful to explore a new place in the world. I tried a bunch of things that would ordinarily terrify me (quad biking and a 60ft drop slide, to name but a few). I was lucky enough to quench my thirst at the ridiculously inaccessible cocktail bar on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa and bump my way across the desert in a bright white 4×4. The whole experience just reminded me of how refreshing and NECESSARY it is to go on holiday. We all need that break from routine to try new things and to convince ourselves to do some outright YOLO things. I’ve come back feeling more confident and determined with a renewed belief that I can tackle whatever life throws at me. I also feel very grateful for the things I have, and am dwelling less on the things I don’t. Who can accurately predict what they really want, anyway?

There’s no denying 2013 has been a “serious” year, filled with scary (and sometimes boring) adult tasks that have forced me to grow up and actually act my age. A necessary year, for sure, but perhaps a bit mundane for my liking. This year I’m hoping to relax a bit more, worry a whole lot less and, to quote One Direction, live while I’m young!

Below are a few of my resolutions for the year to come…

  • Go on holiday more
  • Stop wasting time on the internet (ha)
  • Learn new skills to improve my career prospects
  • Stop being a Wimpy burger and try new things, however scary they may seem
  • Join a club, sports or otherwise
  • Be more thoughtful, both in speech and action

Whatever your resolutions are, I wish everyone the very best of luck for the coming year. Make it a good one!

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