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Last weekend in London: Batman, BAFTAs and tons of effing ice-cream!

If you didn’t get the reference in the title, take a look at this fabulous video –

Now you should understand. If you didn’t laugh just a little bit you probably don’t have a soul.

Anyway, this post isn’t about tons of f***ing sequins. It’s about last Friday. Me, J and A (as they shall be known in this blog) got ourselves some tickets to the Q+A sesh with the developers of the hotly anticipated Batman: Arkham City game. Despite being a relatively small gathering that cost a mere £5 (it’s pretty much a miracle to find anything in London that costs so little), it took place in the BAFTA building.

Now, you wouldn’t think it, but the BAFTA building is one of the most inconspicious buildings I’ve ever come across. It’s stuck right in the middle of a street like it’s just a grotty old chippy shop; there’s no grandeur about the outside of it, no fanfare alerting you to the fact that it’s probably had about a million British greats gracing its floors. Nope, it just looks like a regular building. Inside however, you’re immediately greeted by a massive BAFTA face that’s stuck on the wall.

We downed a couple of glasses of complimentary wine and then got ushered into a very posh looking little theatre. There was a 20 minute demo of the game (which looked AMAZING, will definitely be buying that one), which was characterised by various shouts of ‘URRRRRGH YES’ by the commentator on the stage as Batman kicked the crap out of yet another clown-faced guard. Found myself getting a bit distracted when people asked techy questions; I appreciate the fact that it took a lot of time and effort on the programmers’ part, but personally I was more interested in what the artists had to say.

On leaving the BAFTA building we went in hunt of the ambrosia that is frozen yoghurt. I knew there was a SNOG nearby but without an A-Z to hand we ended up just wandering aimlessly for a bit in Chinatown. Not that that was a bad thing; the little lanterns and lights lining the main street are really lovely at night. Failing to find a frozen yoghurt shop, we decided to make a pit stop at Rendezvous, the old fashioned ice-cream parlour in Leicester Square. To say the ice-cream they serve is ‘heavenly’ is an understatement and a half. A and I shared a Penelope sundae and J had one to herself (she’s a skinny, so she’s allowed). I had to teeter back to the table with these two massive ice-creams in tow. They cost a pricey £10.95 each, but they were well worth it, trust me. Just look at the photo and you’ll start to understand!

This weekend we’re doing a 24 hr gaming marathon for the charity Sick Kids in Edinburgh. We’ve just bought a hideous amount of frozen food, chocolate, energy drinks and, of course, Haribo. If you’re reading this, and you find it in your heart to spare just a teeny bit of cash to the cause, you can do so here:

’til next time!

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