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Recharging the Batteries: A Weekend in Windermere

Don’t get me wrong, I love London. I actively enjoy power walking in any (and every) situation, and I have no qualms about selfishly ploughing my way through people to get to the front of a platform. It just gets a bit much sometimes. All that gutsy determination and relentless competitiveness gets tiring, and after a while I simply run out of steam. Mental batteries can only last so long, after all.

With the flashing red ‘RELAX’ sign in my brain getting more and more persistent, I knew it was time to take a holiday. I’d had my eye on the Lake District for a while. Ten miles of water and not a Tube sign in sight. What scene could be more blissful to a tired city slicker?

The Lake District, and the area around Ambleside in particular, is peacefulness personified. The water literally looks like a shimmering layer of liquid metal. Devoid of any colour with that achingly fresh, clear look that can only be found in the countryside, Lake Windermere is like the stunningly beautiful step-sister of the tired old Thames. It was a world away from the bustling high streets, packed train carriages and noxious fumes of the capital city. In short, it was just what I needed.

The sun was shining all weekend, providing the perfect shooting conditions for the keen (but very amateur) photographer in me. I’m not certain that any camera could truly capture the breath-taking beauty of the Lake District on a crisp Autumn day, so don’t expect to be blown away by the pictures below. Hopefully they’ll just serve as a gentle reminder to recharge your batteries every now and again, because getting your willpower and tolerance to regenerate all by themselves is no mean feat.

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